The most beautiful wild swimming locations in Wales

Photos of waterfalls, river swimming and dips in the water. It appears that wild swimming is everywhere on social media.

Many are opting to swim in the lakes, waterfalls, or the ocean for beautiful scenery and health and wellness benefits. A cold-water swim is believed to give an improvement in your immune system, more restful sleep, improved stress response and more happiness.

Wales has a great selection of gorgeous wild swimming locations throughout the country, which include the coastline, waterfalls, lakes and beaches in which swimmers can take the plunge in icy cold water, so long as they’re fully equipped and ready.

A note of caution: before swimming into the freezing cold waters, investigate the area to identify any safety concerns. Responsible swimming is crucial for wild swimming. Make sure you are aware of weather conditions, be aware of your limits, and share a pool with someone else in the event of difficulties.

Watkins Path waterfall

The crystal clear blue pools and falls cascade over outcrops of rock, in which you can get a cold dip in a storybook setting.

Watkin Path Watkin Path is thought of by mountaineers to be the most challenging way to climb Snowdon and is characterized by a difficult final ascent and spectacular mountain views. The possibility of a refreshing swim on this difficult route will surely be a great relief for those tired legs.

Prepare yourself thoroughly if you’re going hiking and swimming on the same day, particularly in the shoulder seasons. Bring warm clothing, warm coffee flask, a small towel, and appropriate swim equipment.

Henrhyd Falls, Brecon Beacons

You’ll need to take all of your swimming gear for an easy hike since the 90-foot falls are located in a gorge that is wooded in National Park.

There aren’t any facilities in this National Trust area, which means you’ll have to go to the bathroom before swimming.

After you have reached the falls, use the crystal-clear plunge pool that flows through the thundering waters over.

National Trust officials don’t recommend swimming here. National Trust; it’s mostly accepted as long as the swimmers are responsible and leave no footprints.

Skenfirth Castle, Monmouthshire

The view from an eerie shadow from a 13th-century castle is pretty delightful and is appropriate for swimmers of all ages, including young ones.

If your children are just getting used to swimming outdoors, buying them an appealingly coloured two float to increase their clarity in the water is possible.

The Monnow River Monnow is a vast tranquil pool suitable for swimming near the castle. Admission to the castle is free, and there are many green areas surrounding the pool that are perfect for running around or for picnics.

Blue Lagoon, Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire

The outdoor swimming area is rated as the wildest swimming location in Britain and is also the site for the Red Bull diving championships.

The waters here are extremely deep, and if you’re not an experienced swimmer, it is best to remain near the lake’s edge.

For experienced swimmers and divers, it is the perfect location to dive right in after checking for temperature.